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Todd Hertzelle
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A Glimpse Into Yearly’s Future: Comprehensive Feature Enhancements Ahead

As we continuously strive to enhance your Yearly experience, we’re excited to unveil a detailed roadmap of the innovative features we’re developing. From voice-activated commands to on-the-wrist data tracking, here’s what’s in store:

Siri Shortcuts: Streamlining Your Daily Tracking

Top on our development list is the integration of Siri Shortcuts, allowing for effortless voice commands to add or review your data in Yearly. This feature aims to simplify your interactions, enabling you to customize voice commands for logging trends or checking progress without needing to navigate through the app. It’s about making your daily tracking as effortless as speaking.

Apple Watch Integration: Your Wellness Companion

Expanding our ecosystem, Yearly will soon be accessible directly from your Apple Watch. This integration is designed for active users who desire immediate data entry or insights without reaching for their phone. Beyond convenience, we plan to harness the Apple Watch’s sensors for automatic data collection—think heart rate monitoring after a workout or tracking your meditation sessions, bringing a new level of convenience and automation to your wellness tracking.

Widget Support: Instant Access, Minimal Effort

Yearly widgets will offer a snapshot of your progress directly from your home screen or Today View. With customizable options for small, medium, or large widgets, you can choose the level of detail you see at a glance. Whether it’s a quick check of your activity streaks or a summary of your week’s trends, widgets will keep your goals in sight and mind, promoting consistent engagement with minimal effort.

Interactive Notifications: Engage More, Open Less

We’re enhancing notifications to be more than just reminders. With interactive notifications, you’ll be able to log data or complete tasks directly from the alert. This feature reduces the steps to stay updated, ensuring that keeping track of your daily trends is as seamless as possible, encouraging more frequent and timely updates.

Enhanced Sharing Options: Connect, Share, and Grow Together

Understanding the power of community and support, Yearly will introduce advanced sharing options. These include:

The Road Ahead

Our vision for Yearly is not just about tracking; it’s about empowering you to live your best life. Each feature we’re developing is aimed at enriching your experience, making self-improvement not only accessible but a natural part of your daily life. Stay tuned as we bring these exciting features to life, and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Together, Let’s Elevate Our Journeys to New Heights.

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