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Track Your Life, Trend Your Success

Elevate your daily routine with our intuitive heatmap calendar app. Seamlessly track, analyze, and visualize your life trends, from fitness to mood and beyond.

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Optimize Your Life with Every Tap

Dive into the simplicity and power of our heatmap calendar app. Track multiple aspects of your life effortlessly and gain insights like never before.

Heatmap Calendar View
Intuitive Design

Effortless Tracking with Heatmap Calendars

Experience a uniquely visual way to track your daily activities. Whether it's your mood, exercise, or any other trend, our heatmap calendars make tracking engaging and informative.

  • Day/Week/Month/Year Calendar Views
  • iCloud Backup and Sync
  • Data Export Options
Custom Trend Options
Personalized Experience

Tailor Your Tracking with Custom Trends

Make the app truly yours. Customize your trends, choose from a wide range of color themes, and enjoy tracking that reflects your personal style and preferences.

  • Unlimited Trends
  • 27 Unique Color Themes
  • 37 Starter Trends
  • Customizable Trends

Empower Your Daily Life with Advanced Tracking

Our heatmap calendar app brings a suite of powerful tools and features to your fingertips. It's designed to enhance your productivity and bring clarity to your daily routine.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Visualize your progress with intuitive trend analysis. Gain insights into your daily habits and patterns.

Customization Options

Extensive Customization

Tailor the app to your style with 27 unique color themes and unlimited trend tracking.

Multi-Language Support

34 Languages

Accessible in 34 languages, our app is designed for a global user base.


Enhancing Your Daily Tracking

Yearly is designed to make life tracking intuitive and insightful. Dive deeper into the additional features that make our app uniquely suited to support your daily journey.

Customizable Trends

Create and tailor trends to reflect your daily activities. Choose from a variety of themes and categories for a personalized tracking experience.

Multilingual Support

Yearly is accessible in 34 languages, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide, enhancing global accessibility and usability.

Data Export in JSON

Export your data easily in JSON format. Whether it's for backup or analysis, your data is always yours to control and utilize.

Cross-Device Synchronization

With iCloud backup and synchronization, your data is always up to date across all your devices, from smartphones to tablets.

User Feedback Driven

We constantly evolve Yearly based on user feedback. Your insights and suggestions directly shape the app's future updates and features.

Reminder Notifications

Set customizable reminder notifications to keep your trend tracking consistent. Never miss out on logging your daily activities.

Ready to Transform Your Daily Tracking?

Join thousands of users who are enhancing their daily life with our innovative heatmap calendar app. Start tracking, analyzing, and succeeding today.

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