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A Deep Dive into Your Personal Analytics

Todd Hertzelle
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Yearly: A Deep Dive into Your Personal Analytics

Welcome to Yearly, where every pixel on your screen is a story waiting to be told. Yearly is not just an app—it’s a journey, a personal assistant, and a canvas for your life’s data.


Yearly is an innovative app that presents your daily routines, habits, and moods through visually appealing heatmaps. Whether it’s about tracking your fitness goals or monitoring your meditation consistency, Yearly offers an array of features tailored for your self-improvement journey.

The Welcome Experience

Your first interaction with Yearly is a burst of color, inspired by ‘Hanabi’, the Japanese term for fireworks, symbolizing the celebratory start to your personal growth journey. Choose between a light or dark theme to suit your visual preference.

The Welcome Experience

Trend Selection

Yearly’s versatility is evident in its comprehensive list of trackable metrics. With categories ranging from wellness and creativity to digital wellbeing and environmental impact, the app empowers you to monitor aspects that truly matter to you.

Trend Selection

Customization at Its Core

After selecting a trend, personalize it by naming it and choosing from one of the 27 vibrant color themes. The upcoming update promises even more personalization, allowing you to tailor your tracking experience further.

Trend Selection

Visualize your habits with the color-coded trends on your dashboard. Every trend gets a unique color based on the palette you choose, making it a delightful and intuitive experience to track your progress.

Organizing Your Trends

The Day View

Zoom in on your daily activities with the Day View. Tap the calendar icon to switch views, and update your information and notes for any specific day.

Organizing Your Trends

The Week View

Get a snapshot of your week with the Week View. Navigate through weeks with a simple swipe, making it easy to keep track of your weekly achievements.

Organizing Your Trends

The Month View

The Month View gives you a broader perspective of your trends. It’s a visual representation of your month, allowing you to identify patterns over a longer period.

Organizing Your Trends

The Year View

The most anticipated view—Year View—displays your entire year at a glance. Scroll through to see the fruits of your labor, reflecting on a year’s worth of data.

Organizing Your Trends

Settings for Personal Touch

Yearly’s settings enable you to fine-tune your app experience. From showing dates on each square to enabling push notifications for daily reminders, the app ensures that it adapts to your lifestyle.

Organizing Your Trends

Data Management and Feedback

Exercise full control over your data with the option to export it in JSON format, and contribute to Yearly’s evolution by providing your valuable feedback.

Wrap up your post by inviting readers to embrace their Yearly journey, and remind them that their feedback is not only welcome but also integral to the app’s continuous improvement.

Yearly – Your Life, Illuminated.

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